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Benton-Lane 2012 Pinot Noir
750 ml size

2012 Estate Pinot Noir

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Wine & Spirits - 90 pts

This dark crimson hued wine has aromas of black cherry, cassis and red licorice.  The texture is quite plush and velvety with integrated tannin, so it will pair with a variety of cuisines.  The flavors are classic Oregon pinot noir cherry and berry nuances, with notes of cured meats and baking spices layered in.

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Production:  13,744 cases all sealed with screwcaps.

Benton-Lane 2013 Pinot Noir
375 ml size

2013 Estate Pinot Noir

The early spring and warm growing season allowed early flavor development. The wines burst with black cherry, cola, cranberry and a subtle floral nature akin to rose petals. The rains brought the overly extractive fruit notes and alcohol back into balance. The resulting wine is seductively drinkable. There is a unique chocolate flavor in the wine that we don’t normally see.

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Production:  999 cases all sealed with screwcaps.

Benton-Lane 2012
First Class Pinot Noir

Benton-Lane 2012 First Class Pinot Noir

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Wine Spectator - 92 pts
Wine Enthusiast - 90 pts

The intriguing dark rosewood color of this wine is accentuated by tantalizing aromas.  The dominant fruit scents favor black plums, currants and other darker fruits, with more complex aromas of graphite and smoked meats.  On the palate, one finds savory flavors of mocha and Italian herbs, rounded out by fruity nuances of black raspberries and Van cherries.  Built to last, this wine will gracefully age for 5-8 years, further complimenting the luscious and expansive mouth feel with aged pinot noir characteristics.   

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Production:1,426 - 6 pack cases

Benton-Lane 2014 Pinot Gris

2014  Pinot Gris

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This Pinot Gris has aromas of menthol, fresh cherry and lime. Its crisp structure is complemented by flavors of hazelnuts, grapefruit and pineapple. This wine is a great accompaniment to fresh shellfish, Asian spiced dishes and the view from your RV, boat, or back porch.

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Production:  2,512 cases all sealed with screwcap.

Video of 2014 Benton-Lane Pinot Gris tasting

Benton-Lane 2014 Rose of Pinot Noir

2014  Rose of Pinot Noir

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This wine is very similar to a fine Rosé wine from Provence.  It has a gorgeous light strawberry/rhubarb color.  The wine is perfectly balanced with just the right amount of strawberry, cherry and rhubarb flavors to make it a joy to drink as well as the acidity to render it refreshing.  This is a more elegant, tailored Rosé than some and will be enjoyed all by itself on the boat or patio or with lighter summer fare such as grilled fish tacos, pan roasted scallops or zesty salads.  But don’t drink it all before Thanksgiving as it will roll socks up and down with roast turkey and savory sage dressing.  Oh baby!

Full wine description.

Production: 420 cases all sealed with screwcap

Video of 2014 Benton-Lane Rose of Pinot Noir tasting

Benton-Lane 2013 Pinot Blanc

2013 Pinot Blanc

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This beautiful wine tempts with aromas of Gravenstein apples, honey and toasted oak. On the palate it offers fresh apple, lemonade and toasted marshmallow. The long finish is complemented by flavors of toffee and vanilla. This wine is perfect with white meat and seafood entrees, as well as savory pasta dishes. This wine will mellow for 3-5 years and will delight palates for up to ten years aging.

Full wine description.

Production: 107 cases all sealed with screwcap

Benton-Lane 2012 Chardonnay

2012 Chardonnay

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Wine Spectator - 88 pts
Wine Enthusiast - 89 pts


Chardonnay is an amazing varietal because it is so expressive.  This wine demonstrates that with aromas of apple, key lime, cinnamon and mango.  The wine has a generous mouth feel with flavors of apple, caramel, butter, honey, mango and crème brûlée.  This is a luxurious wine that will pair beautifully with grilled seafood and medium weight pastas -it is pure heaven with lobster or shrimp.   We suggest it be served slightly chilled.

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Production:  287 cases all sealed with screwcap









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